One of the great mysteries concerning Lovecraft’s mythos is where exactly his great monstrosities came from with fall harvest decor and while we may never know exactly where we do have a window into a moment of their past. I am talking about the time that a young baby Cthulhu spent at Mrs. Tapwort’s Nursery for Monstrous Excellence, of course! Here Cthulhu and many other monsters learned the ways of flippant destruction and the complete disregard of anything that was smaller than them i.e. humans. The Nursery was not without its very own hierarchy of social coolness; baby Godzilla was a right bastard. After many years though, Mrs. Tapwort would shed an acidic tear and remember the days when her “little monsters” were just learning mayhem and universal subjugation of the lesser beings. In her sadness though was a great and fulfilling joy that those that she guided would develop and one day destroy the worlds they would inhabit. Thank you, Mrs. Tapwort, your contributions have been stomped and burned into the cities and hearts of all humankind.